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Paid Search Marketing

Google Adwords & Beyond

Room 214 provides a powerful addition to your marketing team – helping you learn, grow and innovate with a Premier Google Certified Partner.

  • Dedicated Google agency account team
  • Insights to industry best practices
  • Benchmark audits and analysis
  • Beta program access and support

Apply the wisdom and expertise from a born-digital agency that’s successfully worked with multiple paid search companies and programs for over a decade.

Diversified Adtech

Whether your monthly digital ad budget is $5k or $500k, Room 214 helps you plan and optimize online advertising performance and investments at scale.

  • Reaching broader and/or more targeted audiences
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Using multiple ad platforms (Trade Desk, DoubleClick, Kenshoo)
  • Leveraging or building digital management platforms (DMPs)

A great agency is transparent about tools and results. Ones eager to educate and proactively experiment are even better.


when they are looking to buy online

PPC (pay per click)
Room 214 helps you get your product or service in front of highly qualified visitors at the moment they are requesting it. Our approach to paid search marketing involves constant testing – from frequent keyword research to A/B copy and bid optimization.

eCommerce shopping campaigns are executed through a multi-channel approach to getting your products in front of the right people, no matter where they are online. From Google and Bing shopping, to social media advertising and Amazon marketplace ads, we have you covered.

We apply programmatic display and retargeting strategies to engage and reach consumers wherever they are online. Display advertising reaches your target market in a BIG way while retargeting makes sure they come back to the site to convert.

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