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Content Strategy

Content Audits

As a first step to content marketing strategy, Room 214 helps you you effectively assess the content you’ve already dedicated so many hours to produce or curate. Audits frequently address:

  • Content spanning each stage of the buyer’s journey
  • Website, social and blog content quality grade
  • Categorical purpose (promotional, educational, entertaining)
  • Content mediums (written, audio, visual) and monitoring

Like most strategic engagements, getting a fresh set of eyes to determine where you are today will guide how you plan best for tomorrow.

Content Planning & Calendar Development

Room 214 helps you plan content for marketing calendars you already have, as well as creating new content calendars in support of:

  • Search engine optimization efforts
  • Community management / social media calendars
  • Quarterly or annual campaign initiatives
  • Content distribution and promotion

Room 214’s “stock and flow” approach helps ensure your scheduled (stock) content puts you in a better position to create responsive (flow) content needed to address current events or unforeseen circumstances.


they are producing the right information for the right audience, and delivering it at the right time and correct format

Content Gap Analysis
A content audit helps you identify gaps in needed subject matter, quality and effectiveness. We look first at what can be repurposed, often recognizing potential quick wins from previous content investments made to drive marketing and sales.

Content Strategy Framework
Applying HubSpot’s pillar and content clustering approach, we help you plan for marketing content that keeps high search engine visibility as a key objective. Guidance includes an emphasis on audience-centric content that is both useful and visually engaging.

Content ROI
Like any investment, we look for how to analyze and measure the return. This primarily includes consideration for content that educates a target audience, contributes to online conversions or drives direct sales.

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