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Amazon Marketing Strategy

Amazon Seller Central Strategy

Room 214 helps with the planning and launch of new Amazon Seller Central Pro accounts, in addition to reviewing and improving existing Professional-level Amazon stores:

  • Amazon Seller Central Pro store audits
  • How to promote Amazon products
  • Competitive and product trend research
  • Amazon digital marketing strategy

Whether you’re migrating from from an Individual to a Professional account or are running both Seller and Vendor accounts – Room 214’s Amazon consulting can help you with quick wins, as well as planning for ongoing support.

Amazon Vendor Central Strategy

Whether you’re about to negotiate pricing in response to an Amazon vendor invitation, or determining how an outsourced Amazon agency works, Room 214 helps you:

  • Review Vendor Central current state and opportunities
  • Develop an Amazon branding and channel strategy (retail, online, hybrid)
  • Leverage third-party Amazon media services for vendors
  • Discover and integrate martech solutions for management and reporting

As the majority of all ecommerce sales in the US are now controlled on Amazon, and more product searches are initiated on Amazon before Google — Room 214 will partner with efforts underway or customize an outsource solution that best fits your requirements.


visit Amazon to research products

Amazon Seller vs. Amazon Vendor
Room 214 helps you understand the many options, challenges and benefits of selling within the Amazon Marketplace. Just as important, we help you take a big-picture approach to planning, augmenting your own skills and abilities to achieve the right results within Amazon.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
As an Amazon Central Seller, we help you prepare for what’s ahead when choosing Amazon to handle picking, packing, shipping, customer service and order returns. We also help you prioritize activities that may contribute to your eligibility for products on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Costs & Benefits
Beyond inventory levels and shelf management lies the simple practice of forecasting costs and benefits. From the space you’ll pay for in an Amazon fulfillment center, to your return on ad spend with listing and minimum referral fees in mind, we’ll help you plan accordingly.

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