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Marketing Automation

HubSpot Inbound Marketing

Room 214 helps you leverage the world’s leading inbound marketing software. When you’re ready to take your lead generation, sales and customer communications to the next level, we can run and optimize all-in-one solutions for:

  • Website and blog content on the HubSpot CMS
  • Online forms, landing pages and email campaigns
  • Social media, online messenging and “full-funnel” analytics
  • Sales pipeline management via the HubSpot CRM

Your opportunity with HubSpot begins simply with becoming a better marketer. With HubSpot’s focus on helping their customers “grow better,” Room 214 is a proud HubSpot Gold Partner, and one of fifteen agencies (of more than 2,000 worldwide) with a seat on HubSpot’s Partner Advisory Council.

Marketo Marketing Automation

As an alternative to HubSpot, and a leading enterprise-level marketing automation platform, Room 214 can help you with a range of lead lifecycle and demand generation efforts managed through Marketo, including:

  • Buildout of lead lifecycle and buyer’s journey
  • Lead scoring and nurturing workflows
  • Email and landing page management
  • Marketo campaign development
  • Collaboration on Salesforce integrations

Since 2012, Room 214 has been active in effectively helping a range of Marketo-based customers, has been recognized as a certified Marketo partner and serves the largest B2B-focused company on Marketo in the world.


(HubSpot State of Inbound, 2017)

Your Inbound Marketing Opportunity
The creation and application of your customer personas and buyer’s journey is the foundation to success with inbound marketing and marketing automation software. These are essentials to guiding the content you’ll produce or repurpose for the sake of driving leads and sales… but are frequently incomplete.

Embrace Self-Service
The more equipped your website visitors are to find answers on their own (self-serve), the less they need assistance from someone in sales. “Wait, I want them to talk to someone in sales,” you might say. Yes, but only when the time is right. When buyers expect to get through 80% of the sales process before engaging with a person, your opportunity is helping before hustling.

Follow with Personalization
Beyond sending an email newsletter with someone’s first name in the greeting – personalizing content based on interests, background and behavior is a milestone of marketing maturity. Personalization strengthens relationships and increases the likelihood to buy. Are you there yet?

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