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Data Analysis & Interpretation

Getting Smarter With Data

Room 214 helps you collect, organize and synthesize the kind of data that powers more informed discussions and decisions:

  • Data audits and process mapping
  • Development of data-driven hypotheses
  • Data modeling and feedback loops
  • Consumer insights, cultural tensions and micro-trends

As many marketers limit their data focus to marketing analytics, those who view data through a wider lens realize advantages applying to creativity, and a range of business functions.

Data Visualization

Room 214 helps you translate, display and share the information that matters most – from real time, on-screen dashboards to historical and forecasted data within a presentation deck:

  • Graphical displays from data tables
  • Infographics development
  • Build and curation of plots, charts, maps and diagrams
  • Dashboard strategy

Information understood through visual objects offers memorable, and often comparable, points of reference helping you to further reason, identify or tell an essential story.


to be data-driven. Only 37% say they are successful.

Big Data
Room 214 provides analysis of data sets accessible through technology platforms helpful to organizing information for identifying insights and trends relevant to culture, behavior, industries and brands.

Data Science
An exploratory approach to qualitative data collection with clean, quantitative data enables the creation of data-driven hypotheses that can be tested, shared and adjusted over time to inform better decision making.

Beyond reporting, Room 214 helps facilitate the understanding and discussion around data that may offer predictive insights or historical evidence to guide strategy and action.

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