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Sip, sip hooray! It is time to talk about beer. The new year is upon us, and we wanted to take a look at what beers will be raising the bar in 2019. So, sit back, relax, and pour yourself a beer as we dive into our predicted beer trends for 2019.

The Haze Craze

The haze craze was real in 2018, and it will continue into 2019. So what is it? Very basically, it’s just particles that have been suspended in the beer. At Avery Brewing (one of our favs) the hazy IPA was so popular in the taproom, that they are going to start selling it in 6-packs! We wanted to understand the hype so we chatted with Vanessa Corey from Avery who spilled the tea on what makes this style so popular. According to Cory, the style is, “characterized as low IBU, juicy and tropical hop flavors, highly aromatic, and silky, with a soft mouthfeel.” In the mood for something sweeter but still want in on the haze? Try a milkshake IPA!

Ale You Need

Raise a glass to the Brut IPA! This style was created just a few months ago and is already being poured in taprooms across the country. It is as similar to champagne as beer can get, with a pale look, and sparkling, refreshing taste that is full of hops, which sounds pretty good to us (and apparently a lot of other people too!). Breweries across the country from California to Pennsylvania and everywhere in between are making their own Brut IPAs. And with over 6,000 breweries in the U.S making their own rendition of the Brut IPA, chances are it will be on tap near you very soon.

Liquid Sweet Treats

Beer and dessert are two of our favorite things, which is why we are so excited about the rise of pastry beers. Dessert stouts are popping up everywhere and we cant get enough. With flavors like banana bread, creme brûlée, and German chocolate cake, there is sure to be something to satisfy every sweet tooth. Our personal favorite is the Raspberry Truffale Stout by Avery Brewing, which is so delicious you’ll def want to make sure you’ve saved room for dessert.

What Brands Can Learn

When it comes to beer consumers demonstrate that they like it all (from sweet, to sparkling, to hazy and everything in between). So go ahead and brew up a beer inspired by your mom’s famous dessert, create a beer that is reminiscent of Champagne, or keep it juicy with a hazy IPA. When it comes to beer, there really is no wrong way to do it (just make sure the quality is the same across all your beers!). The beer industry can teach all brands a little something about quality control as many of them have a master brewer that tries every single beer before it leaves the brewery. Let us know where we can apply for that job.


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