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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just days away. Are you ready for it?

While the holiday strategy for brands and retailers both large and small were created months ago, here are the Top 4 E-Commerce Trends to watch to see if your favorite holiday shopping campaigns are hitting the mark.

Mobile-First Holiday Campaigns

Desktop online sales are thriving, but also plateauing. According to comScore, sales from mobile devices have an annual growth rate of 59 percent, compared with 17 percent for desktop sales. That’s an exciting growth rate, as mobile devices only account for 19 percent of all domestic e-commerce sales today.

E-commerce holiday campaigns capitalizing on mobile touchpoints and captivating potential buyers with a flexible and fun experience will capture a fast-growing segment of the market.

Clicks-to-Bricks Promotions

Yes, online sales are rising and many retailers are struggling. But consumers are still eager for killer Black Friday deals and are willing to shop in-store if there’s a bargain to be had. In 2016, 108.5 million U.S consumers shopped online; but 99 million still showed up and spent in person (and many did both).  Pop-up shops are one way to capitalize on the omnichannel marketing trend. Google Local Inventory Ads are another – showing online shoppers where products exist nearby for an in-store experience.

User-Generated & Influencer Content

Studies show consumers trust user-generated content. It’s personal and conversational, making it perfect for inspiring holiday gift ideas. According to the CGC Index report, a consumer who actively interacts with user-generated content, especially through social sharing with his or her network, is 97 percent more likely to make a purchase than someone who has not.  

This season, look for brands across all categories – from beauty products to high-tech gadgets – to leverage the power of influencers (big and small) to drive awareness of their products and inspire consumers to purchase.

Not All Social Platforms are Created Equal

Facebook continues its reign as the social media platform of choice. It’s also become a trusted shopping “center” of choice for its enormous user base.

Almost half of social media users in the United States who shop online said they made their most recent purchase from Facebook, compared with fewer than 9 percent from Instagram, fewer than 5 percent on YouTube and about 2 percent from Pinterest. (Pinterest has some exciting opportunities for brands who want to take a risk though, as we saw during Halloween.)

With an anticipated $1 trillion (yes, with a T) up for grabs this season, it will be an interesting time for e-commerce fans to watch these four trends to see what worked – and what didn’t.

Jason Cormier

Jason Cormier

As co-founding Partner of Room 214, Jason is dedicated to helping people and companies grow and innovate. He is a best-selling author of Transformative Digital Marketing, is on HubSpot's Global Partner Advisory Council and serves as a mentor for social entrepreneurs at Watson University. He believes in acting out of love instead of fear, connected leadership and open book management.