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To keep abreast of the latest in search engine optimization, strategic insights and marketing automation we like to explore the latest in cool tools to help us do our jobs.

We’re often asked what we’re using so here’s the low-down on some marketing tech that has us geeking out recently.


BrightEdge is an enterprise-level SEO tracking and research tool. We use it for keyword research, SEO reporting and competitive analysis. We track keyword rankings over time for clients and competitors. According to BrightEdge, 97% of marketing experts agree that SEO and content marketing have already converged, making this powerful tool not just easy to use but necessary.

Bona fides: More than 1,500 companies are already using BrightEdge, from online retailers to hotels and technology firms. Intuitive to use, it helps companies large and small turn their marketing departments into SEO experts, which can significantly increase return on investments.


DoubleClick is among the best-known ad servers and demand-side platforms, allowing buyers of digital marketing to manage multiple campaigns and data through one interface. We use it as both a DSP and Ad Server for our clients.

Bona fides: It goes without saying that DoubleClick is a leader in its field, but that doesn’t mean it’s resting on its reputation. Not only does DoubleClick have robust targeting options, it’s constantly innovating. In the near future we wouldn’t be surprised if DoubleClick joined the connected TV advertising revolution.


We use Kenshoo to manage the creation, management and optimization of search and social marketing campaigns especially for e-commerce clients. Kenshoo Search automates search engine marketing at scale. Together, they save time by matching sales to buyer personas, automating campaigns that can change rules down to the hour, and reaching targeted consumers based on their interest level online.

Bona fides: Kenshoo’s scale is remarkable. It reports that this year, its suite will be used by its clients for $350 billion in sales. According to the company, consumers engage
with and click on nearly 4,000 Kenshoo-served ads globally every single second. With e-commerce maturing and set to explode, that experience and expertise is extremely valuable.


Placed is a display advertising platform that tracks impressions to physical store visits. We use it to drive brand awareness and ultimately product adoption in grocery chain locations nationwide.

Bona fides: This really closes the loop that retailers need to show the impact of clicks to bricks. Placed can take the often complex location data for any campaign and turn it into insights for retailers and brands.


AdAdapted is a multi-functional platform for consumer packaged goods, which we use to encourage shoppers to add our brands’ products to their own grocery lists. The platform also gets content in front of the right shoppers and can even intercept shoppers as they are actually in the store making purchasing decisions.

Bona fides: The sheer number and quality of apps that AdAdapted integrates with makes it a very exciting platform for CPG brands. Just a small sample of apps include: BigOven, Buy Me a Pie!, Lister and ShopWoodmans. All told, the apps AdAdapted uses reach 30 million active monthly shoppers.