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Art nourishes the soul.

We know a little bit about this here at Room 214. Our headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado. The National Endowment of the Arts recently named Boulder one of the top 10 “arts clusters” in the nation, which it defined as the concentration of artists and arts organizations per capita.

So while we know that means we have a kick-ass place to live — with an abundance of cultural opportunities and fun things to do — what can we do about it at work?

It turns out, a lot. And it’s not window dressing. R214_WillDay-48

Boulder contemporary artist Will Day, whose most recent exhibition was at the Maxim Super Bowl event in San Francisco, creates art that makes viewers shift their perspectives and be inspired. Day chose Room 214 as a place to display his art, and came to our building recently to install it himself. As an agency that values shifting perspectives and constant creativity, we were honored and grateful!

Most of us spend more time at work than we do even in our homes. Having a space that inspires is important to us, and the space looks amazing with Day’s work.

But having a beautiful space to work in isn’t just about aesthetics. Psychologists say art (and plants) enhance workplace happiness and productivity. It inspires people to create and collaborate.

Forbes contributor Victor Lipman writes about art at work: “It’s less about aesthetics and more about pride in one’s environment.   It shows management cares enough about the employee experience – and the customer experience – to have a thoughtfully maintained facility that people feel good about working in.” R214_WillDay-6 R214_WillDay-23 R214_WillDay-56


Erika Stutzman

Erika Stutzman has more than 20 years of experience in communications, from newspaper reporting and editing, to public speaking and content marketing. Erika enjoys helping Room 214’s team and its clients tell their own unique stories in compelling ways. If she's not writing, she's probably skiing, camping, or at the farmers market.