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Probiotics: Newer cases apply to more than your gut

It seems as though the wellness industry is constantly trying to get our attention with what’s new and next. But reaching perfection in your journey to be your best self may be as easy as casually consuming 20 billion bacteria strains in your next spoonful of yogurt....
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Grounds for Innovation: Lab-Grown Coffee

If you thought eggless eggs were a bonkers concept, then hold on to your hens… Because beanless coffee is officially here. But what is coffee without beans you say? In the words of co-founders Andy Kleitsch and Jarret Stopforth of Atomo Coffee, the morning staple is...
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The Rise of Exotic Meat

We’re pleased to introduce you to some menu items you may be less familiar with than the typical chicken or beef. We’re talking yak, ostrich, elk, pheasant, venison, alligator and beyond. But before we dive into these meats, we wanted to start by taking a look at the...
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Women in Wellness You Need to Know

This post is part of our collection of Food and Wellness Trends in honor of Women’s History Month. March is a time to celebrate the achievements of women — those who blazed trails and current females making waves. That said, like anyone who has a month devoted to...
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