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Why Millennials are Taking their Meals in Halls

When I think of food halls, I am reminded of the open air market I visited in Cádiz, Spain established in 1838 and situated in Plaza de la Libertad. To borrow from a piece I wrote in 2015 while I was there “Walk through the market with flip-flops on and you will have...
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NYC with James Clark: A Travel Guide

“It’s really not healthy to go to New York City and moderate yourself in any way,” James Clark, co-founder of Room 214, advised me. I had just told him that I was going to write a travel guide based on our upcoming trip to the Big Apple. Meanwhile, Maya tried to...
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Flavor of the Month

  July is National Ice Cream Month! As summer hits its peak, there’s no better time to enjoy a scoop (or a pint) of your favorite frozen treat. The creamy staple has come a long way from the big three flavors (Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry) that dominated the...
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Proactively Finding Flow & Ease

How can you create on your own behalf and find flow? Start with emotion. In the practice of Flowdreaming, you focus all energy on the emotion you want to feel when you accomplish your goals — not the goals themselves. Emotion is a universal language, understood across...
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