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Help! I am a food brand in a pandemic.

Colorado local, Coors Brewing has stood the test of time. They sold through Prohibition, World War Two, and now COVID-19. These may seem like insurmountable challenges for a brewery, so how did they survive? During Prohibition, Coors shifted their production...
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This is TikTok on Quarantine

If any of you have downloaded the app TikTok you understand how you can start watching a video and end up in the same spot on the couch two hours later, struggling to find a reason to not sit there for another two. As a 22-year-old going on 30 I only downloaded it to...
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Digital Platforms Respond to COVID-19

As consumers, we have been inundated with messages about how companies are responding to COVID-19. As marketers, we have been overwhelmed by digital platforms’ response to the pandemic. We have rounded up each platform’s response, including changes they’re...
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The Rise of Meat Alternatives

Environmental impact, ethics, feeling better, dietary restrictions, curiosity—it seems like there are more and more reasons to take a bite out of a meatless patty these days. And with the rise of readily-available meat alternatives, it’s also becoming much easier to...
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