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This is TikTok on Quarantine

If any of you have downloaded the app TikTok you understand how you can start watching a video and end up in the same spot on the couch two hours later, struggling to find a reason to not sit there for another two. As a 22-year-old going on 30 I only downloaded it to...
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Paid Ads in 2020

Queue “Hail to the Chief” and prepare your ad budgets, ladies and gentlemen. It’s officially 2020, which means it’s time to start bracing for an endless stream of political ads coming at us from all angles. Politico anticipates $2.7 billion in spending on the...
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TikTok for Marketers

If you’d like to speak the language of your Gen Z target audience, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the app TikTok. The creator-focused app has been downloaded over 1.5 Billion times since its 2017 launch. With 69% of TikTok users between the ages of...
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Rethinking Influencer Marketing for 2020

Influencer marketing is nothing new. From Sprint poaching Verizon’s “Can you hear me now?” actor, to Fyre Festival’s uninformed influencers, influencer strategies have helped catapult brands into the public eye (for better and for worse) in the past few years. But as...
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Using Slack Communities for Brands

Most of us know Slack as a powerful tool for internal communication, but Slack Communities—one of Slack’s lesser-known features, may be home to the future of brand-hosted conversation. Despite a relatively quiet launch in 2016, you can now find a Slack Community for...
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