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The Message of the Summer: Unplug

We were delighted to hear designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee’s keynote at the Gartner conference. Through extensive (but fun!) research, she identified ten “aesthetics of joy”, each revealing distinct connections between the feeling of joy and qualities of the...
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Abandonment Issues: Lush Ditches Social Media

On April 8th, the British cosmetics company, Lush, announced a major change in marketing strategy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: “We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed”. While many took this announcement as...
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2019 Social Media Image Sizes

Finding social image size recommendations from each platform can take hours of digging and Google searching. But the search is over! Here you can find the recommended sizes for the top 4 platforms and many different post types. All of the dimensions are recommended...
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The Irony of Asking for Brand Authenticity

Each time we move to a new year, we take a look at trends, innovation and values to inform our work. In 2016, big data was everyone’s favorite buzzword. Content was queen in 2017. Last year brands focused on personalization and interactivity. What about 2019? Tactics...
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Platforms get Political for the Midterm Elections

For the past few months, our social feeds have turned purple with political dialogue as the nation ramps up for the Midterm Elections. According to Politico, “A staggering 36 million voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Day this year, setting the stage for...
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