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Platforms get Political for the Midterm Elections

For the past few months, our social feeds have turned purple with political dialogue as the nation ramps up for the Midterm Elections. According to Politico, “A staggering 36 million voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Day this year, setting the stage for...
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Should I Boost My Facebook Posts?

Our organic engagement rates are plummeting on Facebook, should we boost our posts? In the age of dwindling organic engagement for business pages on Facebook, we hear this question frequently and think it’s important to approach with a critical eye. Let’s start by...
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The Great Facebook Engagement Drop of 2018

Organic social has historically been viewed as a great channel for marketing. However, in the last 6-12 months, Facebook’s organic social engagement for business pages dropped dramatically for almost all industries. What’s the best way to respond to the Facebook...
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