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Turning Keyword Strategy into Ongoing Content

When it comes to investing your marketing dollars…SEO is like a great bank account with a high-interest rate. Even though it’s not an immediate payoff, when done right, you can be confident that what you put into SEO will see dividends in the long-run. At Room...
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Amazon SEO and A9 Listing Optimization

I remember sitting in a conference several years ago, and listening to a speaker explain that if Facebook is the social graph, and Google is the search graph – then people will soon recognize Amazon as the product graph. Terminology aside, I’d say the speaker...
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Mobile First Indexing & Page Speed for SEO

It has been abundantly clear, for a few years now, that Google processes more searches from mobile devices than desktop devices. Uncharacteristically slow on the draw, Google has finally announced the switch to mobile first indexing. In short, this simply means that...
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GDPR: A Wake-Up Call for US Companies

To succeed on digital today, it’s imperative to be at the forefront of the constantly changing landscape. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of those such changes. Consider it your wake-up call. While the EU is the first to implement these data...
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