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inspired: data visualizations

As a creative agency, it’s our job to translate a business’s heart and soul into beautiful online content. But the most difficult aspects of a business to translate also happen to be the most important: numbers. Using data to tell a story is an art, and can take many...
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Trends in E-Grocery

Across all sectors, online shopping has changed the way Americans shop for food. A recent report from criteo details some interesting changes and trends in e-grocery, providing interesting insights into a rapidly changing e-commerce landscape. Here are some of the...
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Using Data to Create Winning Campaigns

The news that Hillary Clinton had all but secured the Democratic nomination for president came as a surprise to some younger voters and fervent Bernie Sanders fans. But it was not surprising to anyone who had been watching the numbers behind her campaign, and her...
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Sexy Marketing Metrics for Everyone

Content creators already know they shouldn’t Tweet without tracking. But everyone knows we should get eight hours of sleep a night, too, and few of us do. Here’s the deal: Marketing metrics aren’t just important for business success, they are fun and even addictive....
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