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Vanessa Kahn

Author Vanessa Kahn

Account Supervisor

Unboxing a Brand: FabFitFun

For many brands, the unboxing experience is the first opportunity to make a lasting impression on your consumers. If you’re like us, you’ve seen an influx of influencers digging into tantalizing spreads of products in unboxing videos on your Instagram feed. So you...
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Perks You Can Eat

My friend and I used to have a tradition of meeting every morning near the blender to make our avocado smoothies. As we watched the fine particles of avocado become one with the yogurt, honey, and ice, we’d chat over the loud whir of the motor and catch up on anything...
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Natural Beauty Products Inspired by the Sea

Anyone who has taken a tropical vacation knows that being by the sea can make us feel better. It’s not only the break from the constant emails and the piña coladas that get us into a sublime state. Being near the ocean has real physical benefits. For instance: The...
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