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Vanessa Kahn

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Platforms get Political for the Midterm Elections

For the past few months, our social feeds have turned purple with political dialogue as the nation ramps up for the Midterm Elections. According to Politico, “A staggering 36 million voters cast their ballots ahead of Election Day this year, setting the stage for...
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Amazon + Whole Foods One Year Later

It’s been a year since ever-expanding Amazon marked its foray into the $800 billion grocery industry with the acquisition of Whole Foods. The $13.7 billion deal not only holds implications for the future of groceries and the food industry but also for the future of...
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Vero True Social: What to know and what to expect

What is Vero? Vero may sound like a trendy way to drink your cold-pressed juice, but in reality, it’s a social app receiving a lot of buzz. Vero officially launched in 2015, but just recently landed atop February’s free app charts with an offer of a free lifetime...
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