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Michael Kwolek

Author Michael Kwolek

Director of Strategy

Listen & Reflect: The Right Approach to Insights

We’ve built our practice around staying ahead of the curve in modern marketing. So it may seem a bit ironic that we believe the next wave in serving customers well is something much more analog. Let’s face it, humans cannot be wholly defined by demographics, purchase...
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Marketing with Clarity: The Case for Insights

Insights are the foundation to making confident business decisions, finding valuable opportunities, and continually improving the customer experience. Strong insights align teams around a common understanding, while bringing clarity and coherence to strategies. At...
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Brand: Confidence, Purpose, Value

Seth Godin’s recent blog, “The elegance of nothing”, does a great job of illuminating what a brand is and why it is important. A brand is not merely an advertising slogan or a logo — it is the design of a coherent and nuanced customer experience. At its best, a brand...
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What Is an Insight?

“What is an insight?” This question that has caused many a marketer confusion, which is unfortunate because insights can be powerful tools for sparking better ideas and more resonant creative work. An insight provides a timely, relevant and novel perspective on data,...
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