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Laura Oxler

Author Laura Oxler

Marketing Analyst

Wellness Watchlist: Top Beauty Brands

Is your facemask as tasty as a cup of Mexican hot chocolate? Well, it might be soon with the wellness-focused innovation happening in the beauty space. With the shift towards wellness and sourcing accountability, the beauty industry is changing. Clean products are no...
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The Irony of Asking for Brand Authenticity

Each time we move to a new year, we take a look at trends, innovation and values to inform our work. In 2016, big data was everyone’s favorite buzzword. Content was queen in 2017. Last year brands focused on personalization and interactivity. What about 2019? Tactics...
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Holiday Predictions: 5 Trends in 2018

We haven’t even carved pumpkins yet, but it’s time to dust off the garland. Marketers have been thinking about Christmas since well, last Christmas. What will make 2018 different than previous years? We’ve highlighted five holiday trends to consider for this season:...
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American Anxiety: The Role of Marketers

Scrolling through Instagram, we’re served ads for meditation apps, at-home yoga practice and brands offering dozens of ways to “escape the clutter.” Yet when it comes to the ebbs and flows of the general sentiment of our nation, things are “not great.” A combination...
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