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Jason Cormier

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The Dunkirk Marketing Model

Do you believe in miracles? In the summer of 1940, against all odds, the “Miracle of Dunkirk” became the largest evacuation in military history – saving over 338,000 lives over the course of nine days. While Christopher Nolan’s movie, Dunkirk (2017), elevates our...
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Jobs To Be Done for Marketing

Allow me to paint a picture of your role and our experience as modern marketers… We’ve found ourselves in a race to be better. Better than the direct competitors in our market category. Better than others we may not deem comparable, yet find are feeding off our market...
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Purpose-Driven Marketing: Content With a Cause

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for some, is a set of check-boxes to demonstrate that your company cares. Smart companies, however, recognize that it’s much more than this — especially with a millennial demographic leading the charge on social entrepreneurship...
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