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Jen Casson

Author Jen Casson

Managing Director

How Marketing Can (and Must) Do More

Back in my youthful and un-jaded 20s, my colleagues and I were working on a project and realized another department held the key to elevating our design from good to great. Unfortunately, they weren’t part of our project and improving their processes wasn’t “in...
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Wellness Backlash and The Sins of Marketing

Wellness is a  $4.2 trillion dollar global industry and continues its meteoric growth. Unfortunately, where there’s opportunity, there are opportunists quickly turning a good thing into a hot mess. So it’s no surprise the industry, like others (think tech and...
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Delight Your Customers with Jobs To Be Done

You know delighting customers is key to driving word-of-mouth referrals and growing your business. What you may not know is how you can use the Jobs To Be Done theory to identify exactly how, when, and where to delight them. What Is Jobs To Be Done? Simply put, Jobs...
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IGTV: The Growing Influence of Influencers

Instagram recently launched IGTV, allowing content creators to upload vertical videos up to an hour long. Of course, this represents a direct shot at Google/YouTube. But what’s more significant for marketers is what this says about the growing influence of...
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