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Author Isaiah Cormier

Is Big Data a Big Disappointment?

Every single choice we make online is documented somewhere in black or white, yes or no, one or zero. Millions of people, making millions of decisions creates an excess of data available for those looking to mine its insights.  These are “the numbers” that don’t lie,...
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Scoring Your Next Marketing Agency

This post is for those of you closing in on selecting an agency partner. You’ve visited their website, reached out to their sales people, and watched them present their proposals. If you need to take a step back, learn how to send a Request For Proposal (RFP) here. If...
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Your Guide To An Effective Agency Shortlist

Hiring the right outsourced marketing agency can be a difficult and draining task. Even more frustrating if, after all that time and energy, you hire the wrong one. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Following a proven process is key, beginning with creating...
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Why Go HubSpot?

We get that question a lot, especially when it comes to companies who are considering the use of HubSpot for building, maintaining and hosting their websites. We set out to answer two questions: Why are so many people scrambling to get on HubSpot? Should you do the...
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