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Caitlin Sherwood

Author Caitlin Sherwood

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Ayurvedic Snacks: Eating for Longevity

Lately, we’ve been seeing a new breed of snack in natural grocery markets. Modern-day snacking is merging with ancient alternative medicine. These snacks, which extend well beyond Golden Milk Lattes, use a mix of spices and herbs and label themselves as Ayurvedic....
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Pasta? It’s Complicated.

Cauliflower gnocchi, brown rice orzo, and everyone’s favorite: zoodles. If health-conscious consumers had to list their relationship status with pasta, their response would most likely be, “It’s complicated.” Why not just give up pasta altogether? If that sounds...
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Recovery Beer: Score or Swindle?

After a long run, is there anything more satisfying than a cold one? As it turns out, physical activity and beer consumption have a strong correlation—for more reasons than just refreshment. A study conducted by Pennsylvania State University found people who engage in...
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