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Cannon Casey

Author Cannon Casey

Digital Marketing Specialist

Workplace wellness: remote work and flex hours

Why should our work be limited to a specific eight-hour block in one 10,000 square-foot building? More companies are trending towards remote workers and flexible hours, promoting workplace wellness. For example, Room 214’s work remote policy states: Our culture puts...
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Getting the most out of email marketing?

Email marketing is still king in reaching consumers, and it’s not going away. It’s crucial to be effective with it. Yes, other messaging platforms have emerged, and there will be more to come. However, a survey by Winterberry Group and the Data & Marketing...
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YouTube Releases Vertical Videos, Loses Black Bars

In a shift towards vertical video, YouTube made an update to its desktop player, automatically adjusting the size of videos to fit a computer’s screen. The company announced the update on its YouTube Help Forum saying: “Historically, for non wide-screen videos (not...
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