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Austen Overman

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Should I Boost My Facebook Posts?

Our organic engagement rates are plummeting on Facebook, should we boost our posts? In the age of dwindling organic engagement for business pages on Facebook, we hear this question frequently and think it’s important to approach with a critical eye. Let’s start by...
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Social Etiquette: Take a Risk with Twitter

Fans are sick of canned responses like: “We’re sorry to hear that! Please call Customer Service for further assistance.”  Twitter is the place to get personal and to interact with your fans in a unique and authentic way. It enables you to show your brand’s creative...
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Demystifying the Millennial Consumer  

Like the baby boomers who preceded them more than a generation ago, millennials have captured the cultural imagination — and the obsession of those who would like to win them over as fans and customers. Those millennials (myself included) — people between the ages of...
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