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3 Tips to Kick-Start Your Holiday Campaign

As a marketer, you’re likely in the throes, or just beginning to prepare for, your 2018 holiday campaign. To help guide the chaos, here are three tips for your holiday campaign planning. #1 Anticipate Your customers are anticipating BIG sales. According to...
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Our Top 5 Martech Picks for 2018

To keep abreast of the latest in search engine optimization, strategic insights and marketing automation we like to explore the latest in cool tools to help us do our jobs. We’re often asked what we’re using so here’s the low-down on some marketing tech that has us...
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Trends in E-Grocery

Across all sectors, online shopping has changed the way Americans shop for food. A recent report from criteo details some interesting changes and trends in e-grocery, providing interesting insights into a rapidly changing e-commerce landscape. Here are some of the...
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SEO: Thinking Beyond the Keyword

Search Engine Optimization used to be out links and keywords. Then searchers and search engines got smarter. The future of SEO is beyond the keyword, and more than links. Brands and marketers must adapt to this rapidly changing search landscape with SEO strategies...
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