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The Inbound Methodology is used by businesses throughout the world, but many leave out a key ingredient: Delight the process of turning customers into promoters.

For years, the job of the marketing department has been to attract prospects, and convert them into leads so the sales team can pursue closing a deal. Unfortunately, in that process there is a forgotten step, a missing link, which almost all successful companies will be forced to discover one way or another.


Too many businesses forget about the concept of delight, spending their time and money building trust to get customers, not advocates.

When customers are converted into advocates, they become essential helpers to winning new business. The truth is, people trust people, not brands. That means each advocate offers an opportunity to extend the trust they’ve built with you to others: converting strangers into customers.  

Not only is delight the fastest way to turn a customer into a promoter, it will also save you major bucks. Let me explain:

The conversion of customer into advocate can avert thousands of dollars in marketing expenses instantly. HubSpot’s inbound marketing tutorials do a wonderful job of covering this, further proving how HubSpot has earned its place as a thought leader in the industry. Professor Mark Kilens, Founder of the HubSpot Academy, elaborates with the three pillars of delight:

  1. Innovation — Continue to focus on advancing all aspects that make up the customer experience. Don’t stop helping the customer solve their problems just because you’ve already been paid. Surveys, for example, are excellent ways to stay in touch with previous customers, as well as perfect opportunities for innovation.
  2. Communication — Communicate with an intention to form helpful, and personal relationships. Remember that every interaction makes a difference.
  3. Education — Make sure that some of the content you already produce for the attraction and conversion steps is also valuable to customers you already have.

These three steps can be shortened into two words that make a lot of money; relentless helpfulness. Take this skill into the workplace, and customers will notice. Instead of starting over with each new marketing campaign, you can build upon each of them with the most effective strategy of all. This, of course, is word of mouth.

There’s so much potential in this category and it can all be accessed when we add that final step to our buyer’s journey, delight. Here are two simple examples of how Room 214 keeps up with delight:

  • Client Love: Keep track of how often customers reach out to you with compliments. You’ll begin to notice trends, and discover easy ways to improve.
  • Trends Reports: Create content to be helpful! Even when your customer is done paying you, your valuable relationship can continue. Room 214 applies this idea with our Trend Reports, informative and brief research reports that are sent out to delight our customers past and present (and they aren’t sales pitches!)

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Isaiah Cormier

Isaiah Cormier is a Marketing Associate at Room 214, and has a focus on inbound marketing. He holds over a dozen HubSpot certifications and is studying Marketing and Neuroscience at Montana State University.