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The Agency Way: Episode 8

Trends in Marketing Automation

Jason Cormier, February 12, 2016

Take marketing automation to the next level by focusing on quality content and some key trends.
Marketing automation helps companies expand their reach to their customers — but it entails much more than simply buying a software platform. To truly expand their presence and reach, companies need to learn about lead scoring and nurturing, and trends in demand generation.
The Agency Way, a weekly Blab series hosted by Room 214’s co-founder Jason Cormier, covers these key trends with marketing automation expert Katy Shea.

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4 Common Marketing Automation Implementation Mistakes

Ben Castelli, March 25, 2014

Setting up a successful marketing automation program can be a wily beast. At the heart of the system is the marketing automation software you choose to run everything. Organizations often make these four mistakes.

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Marketing Automation Tool Comparison

Room 214, December 5, 2013

As far as investments and acquisitions, marketing automation as a business sector is on fire. In 2013, the marketing automation sector had its first IPO — marketing automation leader, Marketo, raised $79 million in May and jumped over 50% on its first day of trading.

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Align Your Online Advertising & Marketing Automation

Graham Swalling, October 30, 2013

Marketing Automation and PPC are commonly employed together as automation relies on marketing channels like paid advertising to generate leads. In turn, marketing automation can guide online advertising strategy by providing lead information and nurturing.

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What is Marketo?

Jason Cormier, October 15, 2013

We get this question quite a bit now at Room 214, especially since plastering our “Marketo Certified” logo all over our website and email signatures! Marketo is both a software solution and a leading vendor in the space commonly known as demand generation or marketing automation.

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What Is Marketing Automation?

Room 214, October 7, 2013

If you’re even remotely involved in marketing strategy planning, on the client or agency side of the business, you have likely heard the term Marketing Automation thrown around in the past year. For many, it seems like another industry buzz word, but for those who pay attention it’s a new technology opportunity that connects the dollar signs between marketing, operations and sales.

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What You Need to Know About Marketing Automation

Jason Cormier, June 6, 2013

Every five years or so, we see the emergence and maturity of something really significant in the ever-changing world of marketing. From search marketing to social media, these are business game changers that open new opportunities and avenues to achieve a competitive edge.

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