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2017’s Top 5 Food Brands on Instagram

Caitlin Sherwood, November 20, 2017

Tantalizing photographs of food and drinks have always been one of the most popular features on Instagram. If you see someone, and/or are annoyed by someone next to you at your favorite ramen place snapping a photo, it’s a pretty safe bet it’s going to wind up on Instagram. (4.85 million shots of ramen alone.)

It’s a given that food and beverage brands were early commercial users of the platform, and continue to be wildly popular on it today. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Brands on Instagram for 2017, and what other brands can learn from them. We’ll also give you a taste of other foodie finds we thought were delicious this year.

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Every Day is a #Hashtag Holiday (Sort Of)

Maya Shaff, June 28, 2017

You’d have to be living under a rock (or had suffered a major WiFi outage) if you didn’t notice National Donut Day earlier this month.

While Father’s Day, the first day of summer and the Fourth of July have long been favorites for brands and marketers to create fresh summer content, there are now an almost infinite number of “national-fill-in-blank” days to celebrate. Read More


Erika Stutzman, June 22, 2017

Sometimes, inspiration comes from a place that’s uninspired. This month, in addition to talking about creative concepts that are exciting to us, we wanted to talk about marketing and design ideas that are worn. Tired. Mundane.

Let’s put it this way: If we don’t see another “Keep Calm” meme again, we’re OK with that. Read More

Inspired – Live Streaming and Videos

Erika Stutzman, May 16, 2017

Live video is where it’s at, from sharing silly voice-changed snaps to hosting your brand’s marquee events and inviting the whole world to join in on the fun.

As creatives, we’re always thinking up ways to use live video to connect brands with their fans in attention-grabbing ways. Here’s a taste of what inspired us this month, as we focused on live video.

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Top Three Digital Trends to Follow

Wilma Cruz, September 19, 2016

Marketers who want to keep up with the latest in digital trends this month could keep this adage top of mind: Follow the leader.

In this case, that leader is Snapchat.

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#Hashtagfail: Best Practices for Hashtag Use

Alex Horner, August 17, 2016

Hashtags can be fun, informative, and useful — especially in categorizing topics.

As a superior trick for sorting and searching for topics, they won’t go away. But they can go awry. There are some lessons brands and others can learn about hashtags to make sure they make the most of their hashtags without silly or serious mishaps.

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Instagram vs. Snapchat: Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Jill Mailander, August 4, 2016

With the release of Instagram Stories, one can’t help but notice that the service sounds strangely familiar. OK, it’s pretty much an exact copy of Snapchat from the early days.

Instagram’s latest step toward innovation has caused everyone to compare the two platforms. To start, let’s look at some of the latest releases from these platforms.

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Instagram Advertising Insights

Jason Cormier, July 1, 2016

Video is fun, flexible and frequently the best way to share a brand’s story in a dynamic way. It’s no surprise that Instagram more recent splash is enabling its users to have longer videos on its platform.

But that’s not the only new valuable feature on Instagram for marketers, says Chrissy Reinemund, Account Manager at Room 214.

“It’s changing on a daily basis,” she says.  Read More

Top Tips: Using Social for Storytelling

Erika Stutzman, March 25, 2016

Brands and their agencies know the  importance of storytelling in marketing. It draws people in, and engages them in a way that’s compelling, not transactional. We make human connections through storytelling and create a way to communicate our values, culture and purpose that way. But what are the best ways to tell a brand’s authentic story through social media?

We explore that topic, as well as garner very practical tips for using social media platforms for storytelling. Wilma Cruz, an account director at Room 214, joined Erika Stutzman to discuss the issue.
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Adventures with YouTube

Jason Cormier, March 4, 2016

World traveler and adventure filmmaker Ryan Van Duzer has seen his work play out on television and media websites — but for real creative control, he finds that YouTube is where it’s at.
He was an early adopter to YouTube, starting in 2006. In 2016, he is in the process of amping his content and audience on his YouTube channel. So he’s learned — and is learning — a lot. Van Duzer joined Room 214’s co-founder Jason Cormier on episode 10 of our weekly Blab series, The Agency Way. We discuss YouTube, Instagram, and much more.

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