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Blab for Business: Your Next Social Platform

Jason Cormier, April 12, 2016

Picture a room filled with people highly engaged around two experts discussing a topic of great interest. Maybe a third or fourth person takes the stage with the first two and fuels the discussion further. Almost sounds kind of like a dynamic speaking panel at a conference.

Now, picture that same room with an unlimited number of participants from anywhere in the world — on any device — and a simple way to record that conversation (video and audio) for replays that can be accessed on YouTube or any web page that can embed a video. This is Blab, and the audience and feature set continues to quickly grow.

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Facebook Mobile Cover Photo Tips & Tricks

Brent Walker, July 28, 2015

Ever wonder why some Facebook cover photos look better than others on mobile? The answer is always a great designer (not that I’m biased or anything), but I recently discovered a nifty trick to help less of your hard work get cut off when viewing from a mobile device – and still look great on desktop. Read More


Join SocialEngine’s The Hive Today!

Isabel Kieszkowski, May 30, 2015

We would like to introduce The Hive, a community-minded resource for managers of SocialEngine sites. The Hive is devoted to supporting individuals to find resources on how to best manage their communities.

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How To Reach Your Facebook Fans

Leah Lesko, December 23, 2014

Learn more about Facebook’s announcement to prioritize ‘engaging’ content and how it impacts your content strategy.

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Post Photos To Instagram From Your Computer

Room 214, October 22, 2013

Your life is about to get a lot easier if you’re a community manager with more than one Instagram account to manage. This week I stumbled across a web-based tool which allows you to post photos to your Instagram account from your computer.

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The Guide To Great Social Media Photos

Libby Turner, August 1, 2013

As social networks evolve, photos remain the most important and engaging pieces of content. The impact of photos on social media continues to rise, and we’ve begun to learn what about photography gets fans to comment, like and share.

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The Marketing Potential Of Facebook Hashtags

Libby Turner, June 26, 2013

After much speculation, Facebook finally announced this week that hashtags are being slowly rolled on Facebook. This is sure to make for a very different experience not only for users, but also for marketers and brands.

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Free Photos for Community Managers Pt. 2

Jill Mailander, February 6, 2013

Last week Ben Bowes wrote about sources for Free Photos for Community Managers. This week I’m following up with how to tap your community for photos. They may already be doing all the work for you, all you have to do is ask!

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Free Photos for Community Managers

Ben Bowes, January 22, 2013

Working at Room 214 in the design and digital marketing industry, I’ve always found stock photography to be a necessary evil. For one reason or another, there never seems to be much of a budget for great photography, especially when it comes to community management

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3 Free Social Media Tools for the Busy Small Business

Ben Adelt, October 25, 2011

Running a small business takes a lot of time and even more hard work. It’s important, however, to understand the importance of actively managing and optimizing your social networks. These 3 simple and free tools provide a great start toward social media success.

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