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Erika Stutzman, June 22, 2017

Sometimes, inspiration comes from a place that’s uninspired. This month, in addition to talking about creative concepts that are exciting to us, we wanted to talk about marketing and design ideas that are worn. Tired. Mundane.

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Erika Stutzman, January 12, 2017

Now for something completely different: Our creative team gathers monthly to talk about concepts, images and palettes that inspire them. In January, we shifted our focus from images to the written word. What words work? Here are a few samples:

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Working With Heart and Art – and Will Day

Erika Stutzman, March 18, 2016

Art nourishes the soul.

We know a little bit about this here at Room 214. Our headquarters are in Boulder, Colorado. The National Endowment of the Arts recently named Boulder one of the top 10 “arts clusters” in the nation, which it defined as the concentration of artists and arts organizations per capita.

So while we know that means we have a kick-ass place to live — with an abundance of cultural opportunities and fun things to do — what can we do about it at work?

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Social Media Roundup: Ello

Isabel Kieszkowski, October 8, 2014

In the digital marketing realm, we love advertising on social media. It provides us with data and access to various markets, all for free. However many users worry that the abundance of ads on platforms like Facebook and Twitter invade their personal privacy. This is where a new social media platform, Ello, comes in.

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Cut It Out! When Craft Meets Concept at Room 214

Neil Yarnal, February 17, 2014

Information graphics and iconography have invaded your life, for better or worse, filling your subconscious with factoids, charts and graphs.  Search for information graphics or “infographics” in your browser and you’ll be flooded with a surge of knowledge.

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