New Online Sales Conversion Data

By Jason Cormier     |     July 11, 2007

Marketing Sherpa reported today on the latest research from ScanAlert showing that consumers delay on average 34 hours and 19 minutes from the time they first click on an ecommerce site to when they eventually buy something there. This is an 80% increase in delay time from two years ago, possibly suggesting that the more comfortable consumers are shopping online – the longer the sales cycle takes.

The interesting thing is that although comparison shopping is what contributes to this delay, pricing is rarely the deciding factor (studies for the past seven years support this). I’ve summarized Anne Holland’s “top four tests you should consider in trying to win the delayed conversion wars” below:

1. Add “About Us” blurbs to every conceivable entry point: Landing pages often don’t contain much of the personal aspect that helps establish your merchant brand as a trustworthy resource

2. Get email addresses by offering a way to opt-in for promotions/newsletters before the shopping cart pages.

3. Offer more product content than your competition (consider using more than 400 words in your copy, product specs and details, shipping and in-stock data, reviews from experts, press and customers, and comparison charts with similar products.

4. Exclusive bonuses: Even if you are offering a free PDF ebook pertaining to the product or topic around your sale, this can make an impacting difference.

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