Leading with Innovation

By Jason Cormier     |     February 11, 2016
Jason Cormier, Room 214 Co-founder

Room 214’s Director of Creative Services, Jen Casson, recently shared the following Ted Talk with me on “How to Manage for Collective Creativity.” I think a better title would have been, Leading with Innovation.

For those of you responsible for coming up with innovative ideas, or simply leading others to the same — this is a really insightful talk. My key take-aways were as follows:

Innovation is about collective genius… it’s a journey that includes collaborative problem solving, discovery-driven learning, integrative decision making. The three success factors boil down to:

  • Creative abrasion (amplify differences, diversity and conflict)
  • Creative agility (test and refine ideas, discovery where you act as opposed to plan your way to the future, experiments and not pilots)
  • Creative resolution (patient decision making in a way that reconfigures ideas in different combinations).

No individual dominance, but no compromise either. The insight from¬†Pixar: “Leadership is about creating a world in which people want to belong.” Our roles as leaders is to set the stage, not perform on it (I love that one).

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Jason is a co-founder and leading strategist at Room 214. With a rich history in information architecture, user experience and online marketing, Jason contributes to the social media and digital marketing efforts that help brands create online communities, tell meaningful stories, and gain more customers.

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