Fast Forward Video Strategy Series

By Jason Cormier and James Clark     |     August 25, 2017

Video is the No. 1 way to convey a message online today. But too many brands aren’t creating a content marketing plan that includes video in a savvy, strategic way.

Is your video strategy moving your business forward?


Room 214 has created a video marketing series: Fast Forward Video Strategy. Our series can help guide you to build and implement a comprehensive video marketing plan that will meet your strategic goals — from a better return on investment for your content marketing, to increasing your customers and leads.

Our series includes interviews with video marketing experts along with tools, articles and more.

What you’ll get:

  • Four quick videos that will help you build a video marketing plan in a strategic way
  • Templates and tools that will enhance your marketing vision — and information on how to leverage them
  • The latest in research on video marketing
  • Lessons on how to make your videos stand out and connect with your audience
  • Tips on distribution and promotion of your video marketing initiatives

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About Jason Cormier

Jason is a co-founder and leading strategist at Room 214. With a rich history in information architecture, user experience and online marketing, Jason contributes to the social media and digital marketing efforts that help brands create online communities, tell meaningful stories, and gain more customers.

About James Clark

James Clark, co-founder of Room 214, is compassionate, intuitive and fiercely loyal. With that description, he probably should have been a defense lawyer. Instead, he ended up majoring in journalism and taking those skills into the public relations world. James is passionate about the transformational power of truth in storytelling. He is driven by creating valuable relationships.

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