Facebook Adds New Global Brand Pages

November 06, 2012



A couple of weeks ago, we talked briefly about Facebook Global Brand Pages. This is a new structure for brand pages that allow global brands to maintain a single fan page with localized experiences for users in different countries. This is one of the biggest innovations to brand pages since timeline. Brands can now have the ability to communicate with customers all over the world.

According to InsideFacebook.com, global pages have a unified Like and People Talking About this count, but the language, profile image, cover photo, posts and tabs can differ by region. Users who visit a global page are automatically directed to the version specific to their region, but they can access any regional or global page through a drop-down menu. The global pages structure will include localized pages for specific markets and a default page for all other markets.

Facebook Product Marketing Manager, Kelly Winters, wrote that users from all countries will see the same page translated into their local language, as well as a fan count and people talking about this. Brands can promote one URL, and users will automatically be directed to their localized page. Administrators can see insights for all global users in an easy-to-view dashboard.

There will be no minimum ad spend required to get this feature, but one thing to consider is the provided insights for the Global Brand Page. You don’t get insights data for your main page, as the insights reported are an aggregate of all page data. For example, if your U.S. page was your main page, and you had several pages for France, UK, Spain, etc., you wouldn’t get data on the U.S. page by itself. Despite the aggregated data, there is still many benefits to this new feature.



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