The Latest In Food Trends For 2013

By Michael Kwolek     |     March 29, 2013

Welcome to the fourth in our series highlighting some of the trends featured in 100 Trends: What’s Up In Business And Culture In 2013. This week, let’s digest some research on food trends.

Health and craft are two major forces that will continue to influence food in scrumptious new ways this year. Ingredient-conscious consumption is gaining traction while small producers are driving eating innovation, and intrepid foodies are lining up to savor it all.

Extreme weather has made meat more expensive, and healthful omnivores have turned to less meat-heavy meals to satisfy their culinary cravings. Look for entrees that include animal protein as a garnish instead of the main dish. And as “super foods” like kale, raw cacao and ancient grains become more popular, we’ll see such ingredients make their way onto mainstream restaurant menus more frequently.

Meanwhile, hearty eaters are seeking indie indulgences from small producers. Kickstarter is rife with opportunities to support entrepreneurs hawking everything from craft condiments to gourmet popsicles to classy cocktail mixers. And food truck jamborees are another way we’ll support small producers by feasting on increasingly high-quality street eats in cities across the U.S. It’s never been a better time to love trying new foods.

These are just a few in a smorgasbord of the trends affecting what and how we eat this year. Check out the complete 100 Trends: What’s Up In Business And Culture In 2013  for full analysis of these and dozens of other trends that will shape the way we communicate, do business and enjoy life this year.

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