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Digital Marketing: Spending vs Investing

April 1, 2014

From many conversations with CMOs and Marketing VPs, I’ve found there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the difference between the value of digital marketing tactics.

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Learning Resources from the Room 214 Creative Team

March 28, 2014

Here at Room 214 our account team is often tasked with creating images for our clients to post on their social networks. The design team doesn’t always have the bandwidth to take on these smaller tasks. In an effort to increase efficiency, we’ve gathered a few resources to help our account team create quality images.  Read More


Improve Your Social Media Strategy with Google Analytics

March 27, 2014

At Room 214, our favorite way to measure the activity and effectiveness of social media is with Google Analytics. It’s free, extremely versatile and customizable, and it helps compare the performance of each social media platform over time.

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Is Your Brand Ready for Global Pages on Facebook?

March 26, 2014

Though the Facebook Global Pages functionality launched in 2012, it was not met with massive adoption by brands. It seems as though Facebook introduced this feature slightly early, as the global conversation is just starting to pick up steam. Many of our clients have started asking, “Can we do this? How do we do this?” and have had increasing interest from their local businesses worldwide.

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Wearable Tech: What’s it going to take?

March 20, 2014

Will wearable tech ever leave Silicon Valley and migrate into our own lives? To many, “wearable technology” strikes up images of nerds wearing clunky Star Trek visors and talking into industrial-size watches.

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Marketing Automation Tool Comparison

December 5, 2013

As far as investments and acquisitions, marketing automation as a business sector is on fire. In 2013, the marketing automation sector had its first IPO — marketing automation leader, Marketo, raised $79 million in May and jumped over 50% on its first day of trading.

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How To Craft Great Content For Fashion Brands

October 21, 2013

Image is everything in the fashion industry. The brands who skillfully craft interesting, personality-heavy content for their communities will see returns in the form of engagement. Photos are going to dominate your calendar, but it’s up to you to make sure they inspire an emotional connection to your fans.

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What is Marketo?

October 15, 2013

We get this question quite a bit now at Room 214, especially since plastering our “Marketo Certified” logo all over our website and email signatures! Marketo is both a software solution and a leading vendor in the space commonly known as demand generation or marketing automation.

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What Is Marketing Automation?

October 7, 2013

If you’re even remotely involved in marketing strategy planning, on the client or agency side of the business, you have likely heard the term Marketing Automation thrown around in the past year. For many, it seems like another industry buzz word, but for those who pay attention it’s a new technology opportunity that connects the dollar signs between marketing, operations and sales.

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