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By Shelley McLean     |     July 16, 2012

This week’s social media trends Weekly Wrap-up is full of Facebook tips and tricks along with some great examples of excellent and proficient content marketing. Also check out an article highlighting new policies for social media during the 2012 Olympics.

Facebook Pages Now Show Top Related Articles and Videos: Facebook recently added “news” and “video” modules to the “posts by other” view of Timeline that show what users have been reading and/or watching in Open Graph-integrated apps such as ESPN, Hulu and Socialcam. This allows page owners and fans to view the most popular news articles and videos about particular topics by simply visiting the brand’s Facebook page.

100 Content Marketing Examples: Organizations are beginning to realize the importance of and need for content marketing within their branding strategy. Here’s a great Content Marketing Institute eBook you can download for free, and see great examples of how different companies are creating extremely successful campaigns across multiple channels both online, in person and through print. This free guide will tell you the stories behind how the content campaigns were developed, the lessons learned and the best practices to assist with your own marketing initiatives. This report includes examples from many different brands from Liberty Tax to The Gap to Lego Club Magazine. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Sponsored Stories v. Promoted Posts: With Facebook’s new Promoted Posts feature, many seem to be wondering how it differs from the Sponsored Stories advertising mechanism. The author of this particular article expresses how he finds the Facebook Ads to be much more effective at creating engagement. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Promoted Posts: This feature appears as a button on the bottom of each individual status update on a brand page. It is essentially a way to get the post in the news feed of fans, who have liked the page, who are no longer seeing your updates because their lack of engagement with the brand’s page.
  • Sponsored Stories: These ads are displayed in the same places Facebook inserts other ads throughout the site. These ads appear for people according to specific targeting criteria set up by the page owner. All of the people the ad reaches will fit the preconceived target demographic and will be targeted to those users multiple times throughout the course of the campaign.

We all know the importance of targeting people based on interests, but there’s also some value in guaranteed exposure to your existing fan base. What’s your opinion?

The 2012 “Socialympics”: With the ever-growing presence of social media and constant increase of social channels in use, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has revamped its social media policies for the London games. Here are the new rules that need to be considered before sharing or posting:

  • Brands cannot associate themselves with the Olympics.
  • You must comply with the Olympic Association Right (OAR) and London Olympic Association Right (LOAR)
  • Provide the facts and take a journalistic approach to avoid violating restrictions.
  • Avoid marketing campaigns framed around the Olympics.

This article provides some of the most popular social channels you can use to keep up with all the news and join in on the conversation, while still abiding by the new policies.

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