Using Creative Commons Photos and Images In Blog Posts

By James Clark     |     April 29, 2008

Using pictures to capture the essence of your blog post is an incredible and powerful way to communicate your messages. The interest in your post and future posts can be significantly enhanced by the use of photos. Personally I always find myself reading blogs incorporating the use of images and photos.

Following are recommendations for the best sites for Creative Commons blog photos and another just awesome image site. The link provided will take you to Wikipedia to further explain the different levels of Creative Commons licenses. The key piece to remember is to always provide a photo credit and link below.

  1. Flickr. By far the largest resource for photos. Note: make sure you use the advanced search options and select the “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content “
  2. EveryStockPhoto. This is a license-specific photo search engine.
  3. Pixdaus. By far I think the most interesting of the three, but not reviewed for licensed content. I’ve linked to Pixdaus and to the user profile that has uploaded the photo. When using Pixdaus be sure to avoid photos with copyrights on them.

“Dubai” posted at Pixdaus by Jorge

“They Are Here” posted at Pixdaus by Luke

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