Top 7 Digital Integrations at Fashion Week

By Stacey Kawakami     |     February 21, 2014

Fashion Week is all about access, how close you can get to the runway, and of course the fashion itself. This year, top fashion brands took to social media to grant special access to their fans to make them feel like Fashion Week insiders. Below is our round-up of the best social media event integrations during Fashion Week in New York and London.

1. Burberry’s Social Invite
Burberry has been at the cutting edge of digital integrations for a while now. They continue to make strides in social media to grow their global awareness and transport their fans to rainy London. This season, they created an exclusive invite and feed for social fans to watch the A/W presentation. They also had live correspondents covering celebrity arrivals (the who’s who of British it-celebs), behind the scenes with models, and of course at front row of the runway.

2. WeChat + Burberry
Burberry took it a step further by leveraging the world’s largest mobile messaging platform, WeChat (only available in China currently). By setting up an interactive mobile campaign that allowed followers to unlock special content — such as exclusive stories around the inspiration behind the pieces — they gave fans an intimate brand experience. This is the type of “sticky” marketing that turns passive fans to brand advocates. It’s the one-on-one conversation between brands and fans that give mobile messaging the edge in the digital space, and what likely contributed to the $19 billion valuation of Facebook’s recent acquisition, WhatsApp.


3. Tommy Hilfiger’s Twitter Concierge
The luxury and convenience of a concierge is going social. The Tommy Hilfiger brand has created an online team that works directly with influencers and media outlets on Twitter to get them anything they need. Anything, you ask? That includes upclose shots of the bag you’ve been coveting or personally handwritten notes from the models on the runway. This is a great move by a brand looking to position themselves as approachable luxury.

4. Marc Jacob’s Tweet Shop
Marc Jacob stole headlines with the Soho pop-up shop that only accepted Tweets for payment. While this was an amazing media blitz, we took a closer look at the hashtag stats after Fashion Week was done and the reach was pretty abysmal (less than 200 unique users and about five million impressions). This integration shows that the Marc Jacob team was likely measuring success with earned media rather than fan engagement.

Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop

5. Topshop’s Virtual Reality Fashion Show
Topshop immersed fans in the full experience of Fashion Week by creating a hub that streamed the live shows, posted behind the scenes action, allowed viewers to create their favorite looks, and create a playlist of the show’s music. Content was also broadcasted across Google+, YouTube, Twitter, and blogs, garnering over four million video views and 200,000 social shares. They further extended the idea in their flagship Oxford Street store with a “Be the Model” photobooth. Not a traditional photobooth though — it created animated GIFs that users could across various social networks. Who doesn’t love a good GIF?

6. Zac Posen’s Music Inspo
Zac Posen gave unique access to his fans by matching stylized outfits with the music that helped inspire their creation. This relatively simple integration not only gave insight into his creative genius but also leveraged the unquestionable unity of music and fashion.

Marc Posen Spotify

7. Victoria Beckham x Skype
Skype launched their Collaboration Project by announcing their partnership with Victoria Beckham. The partnership looks to cross technology with creativity and create a space for these conversations to spark. Victoria Beckham held an “In Conversation With” panel that allowed fans to ask her questions around her inspiration, innovation, and collaboration that went into the production of her fall line. Skype’s instant messaging, video messaging, and group video calls brings the relationship between fans and celebs to a new level of closeness.

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This post was written in collaboration with Libby Turner.

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