The Five Biggest Changes to Facebook Pages

By Room 214     |     March 22, 2011

Recently Facebook launched a huge update to brand pages. They gave everyone a chance to test drive the new pages, but the mandatory switch-over date has come and past. This has undoubtedly left some page owners wondering what to do with the new changes.

For our readers who dislike reading, I made a handy screen share video to walk you through the most important changes to Facebook pages. However, if you want the gritty details feel free to read on.

The Five Biggest Changes to Facebook Pages:

1. Layout

Facebook pages are now more similar to user profiles. The big thing to know here is that your tabs and applications have been moved to the left sidebar and the individual icons are now always visible.

Take some time to clean this section up by clicking the “edit” button and removing any unnecessary tabs. You also want to get creative with your application icons. HyperArts has done a really nice job with the icons on their sidebar.

2. Top Five Photos

Facebook now displays the five most recently uploaded photos across the top of your page. In order to keep people from spamming this feature these images appear in a random order. However, there is still plenty of room to get creative.

Take a look at the Room 214 Facebook page where we are using these images to communicate some information about what we do, and how to contact us. I also recently saw a really great example when Nokia hid a playful secret in their top five photos.

3. Settings

The back end of your Facebook page is no longer a complete mess! It is much easier to navigate and better organized.

In the setting area, Facebook has added the ability for page managers to post from their personal profiles. This a really great option for large management teams who want to be a bit more personal in their fan responses.

To change this setting click Edit Page>Your Settings then uncheck the top box.

4. Spam Filtering

It seems to me that few people have been using the new spam filtering feature in the back end of Facebook pages. If you manage a large Facebook community, this will save you dozens of hours.

Click edit page>Manage Permissions and you will see a text box labeled “Moderation Blocklist.” I suggest putting a few keywords like “free ipod” and “free ipad” to automatically block those annoying spam posts.

There is also a new profanity block list feature with three settings: none, medium, and strong. Needless to say, this is a much easier way to filter inappropriate posts from the page.

If you take full advantage of these spam filters you will eliminate hours of scrolling and deleting posts.

5. Use Facebook as a Page

This one is the hail mary for page managers: You can now log in as a Facebook page.

When you are logged in as a page you will receive notifications for every time someone comments or likes one of your posts, or posts to your wall. This will help you stay on top of responding to fans.

Your home feed will now display a stream of posts from other Facebook pages, meaning your brand page can like other pages. I would suggest you use the home feed to keep an eye on the Facebook practices of your competitors, and to keep in touch with friends of your business. In addition, you can feature five of the pages your page has liked from your page.

If you would like to display the pages of your clients, or showcase some of your Facebook projects, click Edit Page>Featured>Add Featured Likes.

You can also comment on other pages as your page! I’m aware of the huge temptation to overuse this feature, so be smart. Don’t over post and stay relevant to the discussions happening on other pages.

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