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By Jason Cormier     |     April 11, 2008

A few days ago, Jeremiah Owyang had an excellent post on his “essential twitter tools.” As someone who recently ate my words when it came to reaching out with Twitter, this is a list of things I can not only appreciate, but immediately use.

I’ve been curious regarding the primary demographic that continues to drive twitter to increased popularity. Owyang had four questions for Shel Israel recently, one of which pertained to the one trend he is recognizing from his SAP Global Survey work.

For Shel, the question was a softball lob. “In every country, youth is driving social media adoption.” Marketers who want to use social media need to understand what the most effective tools are: How they work, and why.

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Jason is a co-founder and leading strategist at Room 214. With a rich history in information architecture, user experience and online marketing, Jason contributes to the social media and digital marketing efforts that help brands create online communities, tell meaningful stories, and gain more customers.

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