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By Jason Cormier     |     April 18, 2008

Chris Brogan posted a “what I want a social media expert to know” post several days ago, and I’m continuing to follow the comments.

John Speck (aka Frymaster) had one of my favorite responses to this on his own blog: “This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on a Server.” In his “not so humble opinion” he talks about how the Internet is still a toddler, about a three-year old to be exact.

His point: don’t put too much stock into all the social media apps (facebook, twitter, etc) because they are all transitional. “The Internet has a lot to learn about communicating with the society around it.”

We are the Internet… we are the children, we are the ones to make a brighter day, so let’s start living. Oh, sorry, got distracted there. I’m wondering what will eventually qualify the Internet as teen-aged. Because it is the collective of society, won’t it always be childish?

I’m finding the phrase “social media” is more of a fad than the phenomenon that actually encompasses it. EMarketer’s report on User Generated Content, released this week, shows that social media (for lack of a better term) is here to stay.

To Frymaster’s and Chris Brogan’s point, I say the “experts” are the children who can behave older than the rest:

They are the ones that actually help pick up (it’s messy out there), know when to obey (some laws of marketing should never be broken), and get invited to more play dates (client gigs).

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