SEO Fundamentals, Five Ways to Create Fresh Content, and More!

By Christy Barnes     |     January 17, 2013

Read up on digital happenings that the Room 214 team has been talking about lately. As always, we love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Facebook Loses 1.4 Million Active Users in US Facebook saw a 1.4 million drop in users in early December (not a huge percentage of the network’s 167 million US users and 1 billion worldwide users, but still a large number). This could be due a variety of factors including: irritation with advertising and testing of fees, switching to different sites such as Tumblr, resolutions to detox from the network, teachers and students going back to school, and more.

How Social Media is Sparking Organizational Transformation Salesforce and Altimeter Group worked together to create The Little Blue Book of Social Transformation, which includes 20 principles to lead organizational change. The book helps executives (and the rest of us!) understand the power of social media and align it with business goals.

Are You Getting These SEO Fundamentals Right? Experimenting with trendy, new SEO techniques often comes at the cost of the tried-and-true tactics. Make sure you’ve got the essentials down – keep your focus on profit, don’t underestimate the importance of social media, diversify your SEO strategy, improve your website architecture, and organize your content.

5 Ways to Create Fresh Content Using resources you already have can make content marketing much more manageable. Find case studies, statistical content, vertical content, infographics, and video content and post them across your networks to be seen as a trusted industry leader and drive traffic to your website.




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