Product Marketing, Foursquare Explore, PageLever Now and More!

By Shelley McLean     |     November 12, 2012

Check out today’s weekly wrap-up of social media trends circulating the Room 214 office from the past two weeks.

Instagram Profiles on the Web: Instagram recently started rolling out profiles online. Your profile can be accessed by going to[username]. The profile displays snapshots of your photos along with your profile photo and bio. You will also be able to edit your profile, follow users, like and comment. Check out the link for some great examples, or head over to your own profile!

Foursquare Explore: Foursquare has recently introduced a new rating system for places when you search through their new Explore feature. The platform will now give restaurants and other businesses a score out of ten, determined by how much people love it. The actual number is calculated by taking into account signals such as tips, likes and dislikes, popularity, loyalty, local expertise, and check-ins. Do you use Foursquare for finding great places to eat, or do you still rely on other sites such as Yelp?

Interactive Images Through Twitter: Twitter has partnered up with ThingLink to enable embedded images into Tweets. ThingLink is a platform that allows users to add links and other digital components to images with icons that represent other channels such as YouTube, Facebook profiles or contact forms. You can see an example of how the image platform works from a tweet by country music artist, Joy Collins.

Product Marketing: Here’s an interesting read on the true importance of bottom-of-the-funnel marketing content, content that communicates the functionality and benefits of a product or service. This type of content is sometimes overlooked but is vitally important as it not only helps your sales team sell, but it speaks to customers who are closer to the purchase stage of the buying cycle by helping them make decisions that lead to a purchase. Check out this article for a more in-depth look at different product marketing content such as product videos, ROI reports, case studies, product awareness surveys and more.

Real-Time Facebook Analytics: PageLever launched a new tool called PageLever Now which allows marketers to see real-time analytics based on the most recent likes, comments and shares. This will be great for page admins and managers as they can now see which stories or posts are dying off quickly and which ones are still getting likes and comments and they should let ride for a while longer. In addition, PageLever now has many other features to help assist Facebook marketers including:

  • A calendar feature which allows people to schedule posts and see who is posting what and when
  • The ability to publish to Facebook directly from PageLever Now
  • Real-time statistics, including reach, virality and engagement, broken down by post
  • A keyword search function

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Shelley is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in Advertising. As the social media associate she helps support clients' digital marketing campaigns through research, reporting, content creation, quality assurance and execution. Outside of school and work, she enjoys spending time in the mountains and with family and friends.

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