Polyvore For Brands: Part Three – Engagement and Analytics

By Courtney Livingston     |     October 23, 2012

The Polyvore community can help brands strengthen relationships with online trendsetters and get a feel for what items fans like, both from their brand and from other brands. In the first two posts of this series, we discussed tips for getting started and saving time on Polyvore. Keep reading for tips on creating a strong community and using the site’s analytics for insights into fan tastes.

Engage and Grow: Keep it Authentic and Consistent

The Polyvore community is organized around a love for fashion and creativity, so growing a following and engaging with fans should be at the top of any fashion brand’s to-do list. As with all other social platforms, the keys here are consistency and authentic engagement.

Consistency: Post updates to your items, Sets and Collections on a regular basis. Log in to engage with other users at least two times a week.

Engagement: In addition to creating boards of your own, spend time seeking out users who frequently use your brand’s merchandise in their Sets. Like the set or follow the user. Comments also mean a lot to your fans.

Learning from Polyvore: Style Analytics

With all the creation going on in Polyvore every day, the platform gets a pretty comprehensive view of what’s currently most popular with fans. Luckily, they’ve made this information available to brands. Style Analytics is a section on the Polyvore site where users can see which websites and brands are seeing the most activity on Polyvore.com.

Brands: See which brands have the most images clipped from their site and which brands have seen the most growth recently in the number of images used on Polyvore.

Sites: See which websites users are grabbing their items from. These lists often follow the brand statistics, but can point out where people are going to look at or purchase their items (ex. Lots of images come from Amazon, instead of a brand’s own website).

Help Them Help You: Becoming a Polyvore-Friendly Website

In addition to providing a wealth of fashionable items for Polyvore users to select from, it’s important to think about how images on your website will look when clipped to Polyvore.

If your product images are usually shown on models, when a Polyvore user attempts to create a board with your image, this can make the board look a little “off” and also typically prevents the use of a background, because of layering issues (see image to the right).

The visible model arms can create a disjointed look, which may prevent users from choosing your images for their Sets.

  • Most frequently used images from across the web are product-only images (no models). Photos with models are generally only used in an editorial style layout.
  • Use Style Analytics to see the top images being clipped from your website. Note if they’re products on models or product-only shots.

Now let’s look at a set with images pulled from sites that don’t post product shots on models:

The lack of limbs/skin allows followers to imagine themselves in the outfit and helps designers piece outfits together without having to worry about matching/covering unimportant parts of the Set. Images with no background can be placed on to a background of the designer’s choice. Use of backgrounds to create magazine-style layouts is becoming increasingly popular.

Making your product photos “Polyvore-friendly” will let designers pull your brand’s fashions into their Sets seamlessly which will help them spread the word about (and the links to) your great products!
Thanks for checking out some of our tips and best practices for brands on Polyvore! If you haven’t already, check out the other two posts in this three part series:

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