Pinterest’s Rich Pins Better Connect Images To Brands

By Sally Rosen     |     May 30, 2013

Pinterest entered a new social media arena this week by announcing an innovative way to let brands promote and utilize pins.  How did they do this?  The answer: rich pins. Rich pins focus on pins from brands’ websites to make them “more actionable,” according to CEO Ben Silbermann.

The new types of pins are separated into three categories: products, recipes, and movies. Each rich pin will provide dynamic, real-time information to the pinner and viewers. Many brands are already applying this new technology, like Netflix, Nordstrom, Good Housekeeping, and more.  Although Pinterest is not currently generating any revenue off of the new pins, it could be an opportunity to attract brand marketing in the not so distant future.

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Product pins provide real-time pricing, availability, and when applicable a location to purchase the pinned item.  These are particularly nice for those Pinterest users who are less “do-it-yourself” and more “click ‘n purchase.”  Aside from making it easier for pinners to purchase products, product pins create a new opportunity to associate pinned products with a specific company and, in turn, drive more sales traffic to your site.  They also equip brands with the ability to better monitor where purchases are coming from online.

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Recipe pins include ingredient lists, cooking times, and serving size information for pinned recipes.  Recipe pins will create a more user-friendly and accessible view for pinners to see how to prepare foods.  For food or CPG  brands, recipe pins allow you to not only drive traffic to your site, but also create a more specific brand image depending on what recipes you post.  Tagging your recipes as gluten-free, kid-friendly, vegetarian, etc., also gives brands the capacity to better target to a specific audience.

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Movie pins contain ratings, cast members, and reviews related to the film pinned.  They differ a little from the other two types of rich pins, in that they are not centered around tangible products, but help pinners learn about new and existing movies.  For film-based companies, movie pins are a great opportunity for promotion.  They also let other brands partnered or associated with films better define their brand image.


Do you plan to implement Rich Pins into your website? With the potential for a huge benefits in terms of sales and traffic it makes a lot of sense. Plus, adding rich pins to your brand’s Pinterest page only takes a few steps, and primarily consists of metatagging your site. Learn more on implementing Rich Pins here:

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