Pinterest Analytics, RIP Google Reader, Twitter Line Breaks and More!

By Christy Barnes     |     March 14, 2013

Here’s a summary of digital marketing trends and best practices that the Room 214 office has been chatting about over the past two weeks. As always, we love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

New Pinterest Analytics and Updated Look If you have a verified Pinterest account, you now have access to analytics from the site. The analytics will provide information such as how many people have pinned content from your site, how many people have seen those pins, most pinned, most clicked, etc. You can also check out Pinterest’s new look.

RIP Google Reader If you’ve visited your Google Reader recently, you probably saw the pop-up that says Google Reader will shut down on July 1st of this year. Google announced on Wednesday that it is pulling the project due to “declining usage.” Google Reader isn’t the only product getting the axe – several other services are being removed so that Google can focus its efforts on the most utilized products. This could lead to numerous issues for third-party apps that rely on Google Reader. What are you going to use instead of Google Reader?

Twitter Line Breaks The ability to view line breaks was added on Twitter yesterday, giving your 140 characters the opportunity to take up much more space in followers’ feeds. The line breaks could be an opportunity for tweets to stand out a bit more than usual, though using in moderation is key. Twitter poets are fans of the feature, what do you think?

Google’s Three Steps to Optimizing Your Website Google released an SEO cheat sheet that includes three steps to optimize your website. Be sure to craft your titles well with descriptive information for search terms and page content, utilize image descriptions and captions, and regularly write the best and most useful content.

B2B: Get a Social Media Strategy Dialogue with industry peers and potential B2B customers is vital to growing a business and social media is meant for exactly that. Here’s why social media shouldn’t be ignored by B2B firms: 25%  of industrial buyers turn to LinkedIn when sourcing industrial products and services and 39% of buyers would recommend using forums to potential suppliers. Make sure your social media strategy is effective by understanding what challenges you want to solve, what audiences you want to reach, and what positioning statement you want to reinforce.

What else have you noticed lately?

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