Kick Off Your Pinterest Account, New Facebook Features and More!

By Shelley McLean     |     September 17, 2012

Happy Monday! Kick off your week by reading up on all the latest and greatest trends in the social media world from the past week.

Kick Off Your Pinterest Account: Pinerly, a Pinterest tool that can be used to track the effectiveness of your pins, has recently released their blog. On their first official post you can find three great infographics to assist you with starting or improving your own Pinterest account. They include:

  • Social Media Calendar – This includes great tips about when and how often posting is most successful and effective for your brand across multiple social channels.
  • Pinterest Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet has everything you need to know about optimizing your Pinterest marketing, including to-dos, timing, image tips, profile set-ups, board set-ups and pin description tips.
  • Timing, Call-to-action, Category – A simple, yet extremely helpful reference for when to post and how to increase engagement.

Social Media ROI and Brand Advocates: As we know, social media is a huge contributor to the spark of on and offline conversation about brands. Along these same lines, there is a lot of data out there to suggest that social media is a huge driving force in positive word of mouth marketing. Through superior products, excellent customer service and a great overall experience, brand advocates are created. Once these advocates are created, the things they can do for a brand in terms of sales is extraordinary, and social media can play a huge part in the development and continuity of great customer service and experience. Take a look at these other articles for more data and stats on the importance and power of brand advocates and the role social media plays in their creation:

Grey Poupon- A Discerning Facebook Society: Grey Poupon has, for a long time, regarded themselves as the “classiest condiment in the world.” Their new Facebook app, The Society of Good Taste, reaffirms this by allowing Facebook followers to apply to their secret society, where they use your Facebook data, likes, interests, friends, comments, etc., to determine if you are exceptional and classy enough to participate. Time to stock up on my Charles Dickinson novels and Mozart cassettes I suppose!

Facebook Exchange Released:  Facebook officially announced last Thursday that its new feature to make its advertising more effective, Facebook Exchange, is out of beta and allowing its FBX partners to release their results from the new platform. According to FBX Product Marketing Manager Scott Shapiro, “Facebook Exchange allows marketers to use their own real-time consumer-insight data to reach an audience on Facebook.” It is designed to aid in generating conversation about brands outside of the Facebook platform. You can read some of the feedback from the partners who shared their results, here: Facebook Exchange Is Out Of Beta.

Facebook Ends Reach Generator: Less than seven months after its launch, Facebook has decided to end its Reach Generator program. The program, which was limited to premium advertisers, allowed advertisers to pay Facebook on a continuous basis to sponsor a particular page while guaranteeing a 75 percent reach over a month-long time frame. In an effort to simplify ad offerings, the company is now focusing entirely on its Promoted Posts feature. Have you tried either of these features? Do you prefer one over the other?

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