Is Your Twitter Personality a Touchdown or a Turnover?

By Reed Pankratz     |     September 10, 2012

NFL Twitter Personalities

It’s no secret that the NFL regular season kicked off this past week with the New York Giants, the defending Super Bowl champions, taking on the Dallas Cowboys. Undoubtedly, your Twitter feed and Facebook timeline have hosted a bevy of updates about the latest fantasy draft picks and predictions for the upcoming season. In honor of the NFL’s first week, and to have a little fun, we have created seven football Twitter personalities.


Quarterback: You may not have the classic good looks of Tom Brady, but this does not mean you are not a threat in the social space. As the quarterback, you see the field well and know how things are supposed to work. Getting everyone rallied in the team huddle, you are likely the one leading weekly chats and setting an example for rookies. Whether you are crafting a daily message for a short gain, or developing strategy to go long down the field, you have the skills to score big and the mindset to take your team to the playoffs.

Running Back: When you are the running back, you have got to think quickly on your feet. Putting just the right spin on things could be just what you need to go high stepping down towards the end zone in open field. Because of that you are the witty one, always providing one-offs, puns and satirical comments to trending topics and daily events. Everyone may not like you, but they respect your game after you have left them in the dust.

Wide Receiver: You are a skilled player with all of the tools to make big plays. You do not have to have height, strength or speed on your side to score big. Instead, you have got other tools that put you in the limelight. Radian 6? SproutSocial? HootSuite? Social media tools are your specialty, and you are the expert on every single one. When someone thinks they are the first to try a new tool, you have blown past them and are already dancing in the end zone.


Linebacker: Everybody loves a player maker, and that is what you are. Those on the field and in Twitter feeds fear you. No piece of information flows through your timeline riddled with inaccuracies without you setting the author straight. Political opinions? Sports conversations? You’re not afraid to jump into the conversation, knock a few heads together and share how you feel.

Cornerback: As the cornerback, you like getting your hands on everything. No pass or piece of information ever gets past you with out being intercepted. Cornerbacks are the kings of content curation, always finding the best news and information and sharing or repurposing it for a big score.

Safety: As the line of last defense, you shoulder a lot of responsibility. While some may call you the king of the hashtag, you are really just trying to keep track of everything taking place. #FakeHandoffs #HailMarys and #Blue42 let your team know what is about to happen. However, you might want to stay away from #WatchOutForTheFeaFlicker and stick to something a little simpler like #TrickPlay. 

Off the Field

Cheerleader: There is nothing wrong with having team spirit and there is nothing wrong with being a cheerleader. While you may not be on the field, you share your spirit with the re-tweet and energize the crowd. The crowd has your re-tweets to thank for the well organized “Wave” around the stadium.

Regardless of your position on the team, may it be quarterback, linebacker, cheerleader or even water boy, you’ve got some characteristics that can be valuable in the social space. Which position do you identify with most? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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