Introducing the Room 214 Dream Team for 2/14 Day

By Christy Barnes     |     February 12, 2013

There is a very important holiday coming up on February 14th, but it doesn’t involve flowers or chocolate or a glaring awareness of your relationship status. It’s 2/14 Day! Since 2/14 is in our name, we are taking over and turning the spotlight away from love to focus on the digital and social media marketing industry. We have a lot of smart people on the Room 214 team and are hosting a Google+ Hangout with three of these folks. Our experts will answer any and all questions you may have about trends, best practices, and industry insights.

To join in the conversation, RSVP to our Google+ hangout here or ask questions through our Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag: #214dreamteam.

And now… We shall introduce our  Room 214 Dream Team Panel!

Matt LeBeau, Group Practice Director, helps lead our client account teams and works directly with our development team as a liaison and project manager for application development projects. He has been working in advertising and digital marketing since he graduated from the Journalism School at the University of Colorado in 2004.

  • Favorite social platforms: YouTube and LinkedIn, which are largely under-utilized, especially by B2B brands.
  • An important piece of advice for brands using social media: Have a plan and a voice – don’t just use social media because you feel like you’re supposed to. Just like real life, it’s important to figure out what you want to say, and how you want to say it, before opening your mouth.
  • Where he thinks digital marketing is headed: Mobile is growing every day, but now we’re seeing the integration and simultaneous use of multiple screens and devices to create a complete user experience.
  • What you should ask him about during the Hangout: YouTube! YouTube’s recently redesigned Brand Channels and the latest edition of the Creator Playbook help brands get more out of video content.

Reed Pankratz, Account Manager, helps plan online and social content and manage social communities for a variety of clients to create and  join in customer conversations. He has been working in advertising and digital marketing for almost two years; since his time at Kansas State where he graduated with degrees in Public Relations and Marketing.

  • Favorite social platform: Twitter because it keeps him connected to almost everything and everyone he cares about.
  • An important piece of advice for brands using social media: Don’t miss an opportunity to learn something from your audience.
  • Where he thinks digital marketing is headed: We are headed into a more visual and more mobile future.
  • What you should ask him about during the Hangout: Whatever has YOU excited about social media and digital marketing!

John Antognoli, Group Practice Director, oversees the digital strategy for our clients Mrs. Fields Cookies and TCBY. He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and has been in the advertising and digital marketing agency for over 15 years,  where he has enjoyed watching the industry and customers mature.

  • Favorite social platform: Facebook because being a part of a community is hard wired into people, and Facebook hits at the heart of that need.
  • An important piece of advice for brands using social media: Establish a vision that is inclusive of your brand team and consumers and then share it with everyone involved. Continuously double back on those aspirations as your brand compass when you create content, develop products, and make any decision. Consumers are willing to go on a journey with you because they really want to see a brand that has values similar to their own succeed. This is really what brand loyalty is all about.
  • Where he thinks digital marketing is headed: He believes there will be a more collaborative approach between agencies and brands; and brands  and consumers. The Internet is the most sophisticated focus group, sales funnel, and distribution model that has ever existed – and it takes a tight knit relationship between everyone to really make it work in your favor.
  • What you should ask him about during the Hangout: Brand strategy, content models, or anything you want (except Twitter – he doesn’t like it!).
What do you want to ask the Room 214 Dream Team Panel? Tell us in the comments!

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Christy is a senior at the University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in Marketing with a minor in Economics. As the social media associate she helps support clients' digital marketing campaigns through research, reporting, content creation, quality assurance and execution. Outside of school and work, Christy enjoys travelling, snowboarding and photography.

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