Instagram Tagging: What You Need To Know

By Stacey Kawakami     |     May 24, 2013

Instagram recently announced a new tagging feature, which allows users on Instagram to tag friends in photos. Users can tag brands in the same way they tag friends which creates a lot of questions and opportunities for brands on Instagram. So how can you take advantage? Let’s walk through the best practices.

1. How Do I Use This Thing?

Once the tags start rolling in, you will receive notifications of tagged photos. There is also a new Photos of You section which can be accessed from your profile page. To moderate tagged photos, navigate to your Photos of You section, open a photo, and click your tagged name. This will open a dialogue box where you can approve, remove or report photos.

How To Moderate Tagged Instagram Photos

2. How To Change Your Setting To Manually Approve Photos

By default, all tagged photos are automatically approved. However, you can use the manual approval process if you have concerns about spam or inappropriate content. To change this setting, visit your Photos of you section and click the setting gear wheel.

3. Start Approving Relevant Photos

When you’re a brand, the Photos of You section becomes a curation tab for approved user generated content. You can feature the best contributions from your fans there.

To approve photos, go to the notifications and scan for activity that reads, “@user took a photo of you.” If you see something inappropriate, report as such. For something awesome, continue to Photo Options and select “Show on My Profile.” In More Options, you again have the option to report as inappropriate or remove your brand from the photo.

Manually approving photos is probably a safe bet to protect your brand account from spam or risque content, but be sure to stay on top of the approval process. Fan-tagged photos are great opportunity to gain exposure to the friends of your existing fans.

4. Encourage Fans To Tag
For dedicated fans, this new feature is perfect. They are going to tag their photos in the hope to get featured on their favorite brand’s page. They might also use this feature to add information to their picture, such as a shopping trip to your store. Work the new tagging feature into your contest and promotion ideas that involve Instagram.

5. Get Creative: Approved Themes and Fan Content
Tagged photos are yet another way to engage fans and get creative. As a great example, take a look at how Instagram has curated fan-tagged photos of their logos. Another great use example is Puma’s use of tagged photos to create a branded mosaic out of curated content.


6. Tag Trades With Influencers
Create a short list of influencers and request approval to tag them in campaigns. Tag multiple influencers in any photos that you’d like to extend the reach on (ensuring that they make sense for that particular influencer). Ask influencers to also tag the brand when it makes sense.

The Instagram tagging feature is an exciting addition for brands on the world’s leading mobile social network. Set aside some time to think about how you can fully take advantage of this new opportunity and work it into your promotions.

Have you seen other great examples of brands using the new tagging feature? Tell us about it in the comments!

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    Great post Stacey. As Instagram features continue to evolve, I’d guess that content management apps like Curalate will become more relevant for brands managing a significant amount of followers and activities.

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